Life updates

Howdy folks, 

sorry it has been awhile for an update but here’s a fast one.  

I have been working on more commission work lately for Austin Winery and Still Austin Whiskey Co. but there is also some collaborative works in the pipeline with Hix collective as well as teaching myself some sign painting techniques. Which is giving me a good shift when I have a mental block on what to draw or paint. 

On the other side of life I met my niece for the first time a few months back and proposed to my girlfriend a few weeks back! My niece seemed to like me and my girlfriend is now my fiancé. 

I sold some art, saw some art (specifically Wayne White Exhibit and Wayne O Rama in Chattanooga) and also got me a nice little truck, with the help of some good friends getting it down to Austin from Cincinnati. 

Heres to hoping for more art opportunities and colder beers in the next coming months.