On The Move

I am moving back to Texas so the webstore will be down for a couple months while I get things in order. New big things to come!

New Items In The Webstore!

In time for the holidays I am placing new prints in the webstore. Click the "shop" link above to be directed to the store or right here . All the prints below will be available by the end of this week.

Prints available soon

I will have some prints available soon with some of the new drawings I have been working on.

October Updates and getting to work with good people

Lately I have been lucky to be able to produce some work for other people which I love getting the opportunity to do.

In the first gallery I got to design a West Texas image for Austin photographer Robert G. Gomez. He is releasing his own photography paper that looks great. To see more of his work check out his website. Photos by Robert G. Gomez

The row of three images below are other recent works (click to enlarge):

The first image is for the first annual Buda Beer and Polka Festival. Which happens towards the end of this month and features performances by The Texas Tornados, Joe King Carrasco, and others. More info can be found here.

The second image is an album cover for local Austin band Shortwave Party. Which can be streamed and purchased here.

The final image is a poster design for local Austin TX band The Well and San Marcos TX band Crypt Trip. I was happy to be able to design something for TX bands when they play here in Cincinnati. Give both of them a listen ASAP.

I would love to be able to work with other people so always feel free to contact me at bcaronart@gmail.com

As always, Thanks for the support.

Follow me on Instagram for more updates

Follow me on Instagram! I keep it updated with daily life, old sketch book images, as well as progress shots of things I am currently working on. 

instagram: brockcaron

Thanks for the support

Gearing up for October

Working on some new water colored pieces that I can tell are being influenced by fall starting and Halloween being right around the corner. Thanks to help of my girlfriend and my friends back in Austin TX I will be back in Austin for Halloween this year. If anyone is interested in any commission pieces I am open for any needs you may have. Contact me at bcaronart@gmail.com

As always, thanks for the support!

"Don't Let The Bad Guys Win"

New illustration I recently finished. 

My influence for these recent drawings are about combining many of the styles I have worked with over the years and slowly working them together, trying to figure out what world they could all exist in together. The animals came from a love for nature and the outdoors, the houses are worked from an obsession I have for old barns/old houses, and a lot of the bold graphic markings such as the drips, skulls, and graphic patterns came into the work from having influences of graffiti and lowbrow art such as Ed Roth, Rat Fink and various monster drawings.

Thanks for looking!

"Never Been to Wit's End"

Here is a new drawing I made recently that is pen and ink and is 2ftx2.5ft. I am really excited with diving further into this direction of things. 

Thanks always for the support.



The White Horse

Not living in Austin makes me miss a lot of things but one of those things is a cold Lone  Star after a shot of whiskey while shooting pool with friends on a hot day as other friends are playing music on stage at The White Horse.

A look around the studio

Heres a quick look around my workspace and a peek at a painting I am currently working on. Click to enlarge. Thanks for lookin'.

New Zine and items for sale.

Happy to announce Issue 1 of "Me And My Beer Are Gettin' Out Of Here" is ready to go. Feel free to purchase one in the shop.